New Boots New Year

Sperry Chelsea Boot

I’m not one to switch up the way I move or make resolutions, etc. I’m more about the quick pivots and small edits while on my journey. These pivots can only happen when you have a good foundation. When it comes to how I dress, that foundation starts with my shoes. I’m all about getting a new pair of kicks to start the year & to get me going in the right direction. Props to Sperry for continuing to make prep for all — looking forward to where these take me in the new year.

Sperry Chelsea Boot HM Margiela

Sperry Chelsea Boot

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Tee + Denim Level Up

Abercrombie Fitch August 2018 LogoMy classic denim rotation is taken care of, but sometimes I need to spruce things up a bit. Being simple and classic is great, but sometimes you need a piece with a little more character that can stand out from the rest. That goes for tops too. A solid or graphic tee works for most days, but adding a good stripe tee into the mix keeps people on their toes — especially the ones who are used to seeing you one way.

That goes for brands as well. I love taking it upon myself to make sure people don’t forget that there are really great brands out there, like Abercrombie, that are designing great clothes at a nice price point. I went a little crazy in their new arrivals, can’t wait to break out some of the sweatshirts & jackets I picked up.

Abercrombie Fitch August 2018 LogoAbercrombie Fitch August 2018 Logo

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A Classic, Updated


When I’m adding to my wardrobe or replacing an old item, I look to see who is making the best version of whatever that item is. I’m a no frills, give me the most functional, best looking — fill in the blank — item.

Dockers recently released their new and improved Signature Khaki — it’s the most comfortable pant I’ve worn in a while. They have a nice feel, aren’t too slim, lightweight and most of all… comfortable.

Having said that, I love when a classic is reinvented to match present day needs. As a “modern go-getter”, I need to make sure I’m keeping up with fashion, technology and culture. The last thing I want is to do is play myself by buying items that won’t stand the test of time. Trust me on this one.

DSC03203 DSC03178 DSC03220

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