New Shoes On The Block

NoOneSystem-1There comes a time when a brand pops up, out of what seems like thin air, you see a couple Instagram photos and instantly need to know more. That was the case when I met No.One System. They liked a couple of my photos, I lurked on their page for a bit and the curiosity began. Their page was a lot different than the ones I would see with a few hundred followers looking to trade likes. I could tell that whoever was behind this knew what they were doing. A little more time passed and they hit me up to see if I’d be interested in visiting their studio.

A couple of emails later and I was chopping it up with them over coffee. In a time of bullshit brands and fast fashion, it’s a breath of fresh air when someone decides to take it slow and focus on the quality. Each pair is handmade from start to finish in their Venice studio. Lots of work is put into each pair, so the price is higher than one would be used to in this style category, but they are worth every penny. They were kind enough to walk me through the process and bless me with my own pair to try. They launched about a week ago and have already sold out of most sizes. Trust me when I say these are butter and will be the shoe to have in 2017.