Still Making Moves

DSC03765I’ve been able to spend some more time in the lululemon Commission Pant & Twill Chill Long Sleeve and they’re great. As mentioned in my first post featuring these items, I hadn’t been very active since my Japan trip. That’s changed in the last couple of weeks and it feels great. I don’t know about you, but just the presence of new workout gear makes me want to go out and make moves.

DSC03689 DSC03692-Edit

Merch Life

DSCF0891Merch is now a part of normal life and I’m accepting it, thanks Kanye. I’ve always worn & supported my favorite bands, but it was always a t-shirt or a poster. Now artists are putting out what seems like full collections—everything from hats to pants. I’m embracing it, especially when it’s the home team. This Big Sean jacket is dope!

Beanie by Beams (Similar Here)
Shirt by Human Made
Jacket by Big Sean
Pants by Champion Japan (Similar Here)Shoes by Nike


Step Out And Make Moves

DSC03774Aside from all of the walking I did on vacation in Japan, I feel like it’s been a month since I last worked out. I got sick and work was crazy, so my energy level was pretty low until today. I was finally able to get out and get active. I recently picked up the new lululemon Commission Pant & Twill Chill Long Sleeve, so wanted to put them to the test. Activewear has really found it’s lane and is slowly beginning to creep into the everyday uniform. Pieces like these help when you want to do a light work out and head straight to your next destination without the need to shower or change. This is definitely helpful during the week on a bike to work, or on a weekend when you want to go straight from a hike to hanging with friends. I’m all about the post workout without looking like I just worked out look. So I guess you could say these pieces passed the test.