Last Minute Shopper

DSC00097This has been a really busy year, just after coming back from Mexico, I had to fly to NY… Losing two shopping weeks during the holiday season is crucial. I typically get a majority done months ahead, but there’s always that one gift you have left to buy.

I’m a pretty easy going shopper, but the last thing I need is to be bothered by what I’m wearing. Most times I’m on my cozy and this time is no different.

DSC00115 DSC00101

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West Coast Winter

rod-dec17-010Beanies, flannels and jackets are some of my cold weather favorites, but being in California reduces the amount of times I get to wear them. That doesn’t mean I stop buying or gifting them though.

I recently stumbled upon this zip flannel at Urban Outfitters. It’s one of those things you come across and can’t stop thinking about until it’s in your possession. Plus, it’s all about being versatile. This is definitely going to come in handy when I head to NY in a week.

rod-dec17-006_composite rod-dec17-011

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Concrete Cozy

DSCF2258I maintain my cozy at all times. Whether it’s heading to a quick meeting or holiday shopping, being comfortable is always more important than looking “cool”. If I could wear this to work, I would. But, for now this is the weekend mood.

DSCF2231 DSCF2223

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