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DSC01730-EditNot long ago, there was a brand that I would wear from time to time. The time was high school and the brand was Abercrombie & Fitch. As you grow older, you start to wear different things and slowly pull away from certain brands or retailers. It’s never really on purpose, but that’s just how things work. I was still trying to find my “style” during college and stopped paying attention to certain brands. But something big happened in 2015… Aaron Levine was hired as A&F’s lead mens designer and has since been promoted to the SVP of Design. He has a great resume and I own items from other brands that he’s designed for. This made me interested to see what he would do at A&F. When I saw his first collection, my jaw dropped. Is this real life!? Yes it was… I thought the line was perfect.

Since I started this blog, I have always preached that you should wear what looks good to you and fits the way you want it to, regardless of who makes it. I hopped on the Abercrombie site a bit ago and found some great pieces. I’m a sucker for indigo, so this sweater was the first thing to jump out at me. The weather in Los Angeles has been so wacky lately. It’s been doing this weird thing called raining, it’s cold one day and then hot the next. When you have a flexible wardrobe, you can be prepared and stylish no matter what mother nature throws your way. For me, a sweatshirt or a sweater works most days. It’s always good to have an extra layer in the trunk just in case. Wardrobe essentials can come from any and everywhere, and if look a little harder you may find some unexpected surprises.

DSC01733-Edit AF-1 DSC01725-Edit DSC01728-Edit

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  • I can respect that man. I went into one of their stores and I was suprised with how much stuff I was leaning towards. No logos, loads of indigo and nothing too tight looking.

    Buckets & Spades