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This year marks the 10th year of UNIFORM JOURNAL. I’m still dressing for me, and keeping a visual journal to self. At the time I started UNIFORM JOURNAL, it was to get back to the basics. To stop buying so many things and showcase how to be a little more thoughtful about purchases and making sure it was timeless and worth the money. 2012 was a time when #menswear ruled the world.

But I was regular guy wearing regular things. Probably pairing some Acne denim with a GAP tee. ‍ Lots of things in fashion have changed since then. I’ve had tremendous career growth, tons of great relationships came from me starting UJ — I’ve collaborated on multiple projects, consulted on large brand deals and have received some amazing clothes.

This year, the focus will be on having more conversations. The next chapter of UJ will be about highlighting the brands I’m interested in, talking to people I think are next up, making things, you know what I’m saying — it’ll be the same but different. It’s the beginning again. I’ve had v2 in mind since starting v1. I just didn’t know it would take 10 years to bring it to life.

But like any uniform, things should constantly be edited, updated, ever flowing. And the best thing about a uniform is that you can always make it your own. Stop swimming in the sameness.


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